6 ways church leaders can support business leaders during Covid19

6 ways church leaders can support businesss leaders

We are constantly being bombarded at the moment on media about the negative effects Covid19 is having on businesses and on people’s lives. Many businesses are facing challenges with cashflow, plummeting sales, having to let staff go, supply chain disruptions, bankruptcies, etc. The World Travel and Tourism Council (tourism being the world’s largest industry) estimates 50 million people will lose their jobs as a result of this pandemic. You may feel helpless as a church leader, but you’re not! Christians have responded to pandemics in various ways over the past two millennia – here’s four examples
As a church leader you are in a very influential position to those who are business leaders in your congregation, and here are 6 very practical ways you can support them at this time:
1. Identify the business owners/employers in your congregation, including those who are self-employed, and reach out to them. Let them know that they’re not alone at this time, and that as a church you wish to walk with them during this season.
You could ask them questions like ‘how is Covid19 affecting your business?’ ‘How are you feeling about the future of your business currently?’ ‘What are the biggest struggles you’re facing?’ ‘How are you coping?’ & ‘What are you sensing God is saying about the purpose of your business at this time?’.

2. Ask how you can pray for them and their business, and encourage others to pray for them also.
– Pray for divine wisdom and intervention
– Pray for creative thinking and innovative solutions
– For those who can provide a helpline (financially, skilfully etc.) will make themselves available and know where their help can be best applied.
– Use St. Patrick’s BAM prayer, during this time, either as a business leader or to pray for others in the business community.

Christ with me, as I do business for Him and people
Christ before me, as I plan my business
Christ behind me, as I review my business
Christ in me; my guiding light in business
Christ beneath me; He is the foundation
Christ above me, He is the owner of my business
Christ on my right, Christ on my left, He is the Lord of the marketplace
Christ when I lie down, and rest from my work
Christ when I sit down, in my office chair
Christ when I arise, enthusiastic or weary
Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me, and my business
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me, and my business
Christ in every eye that sees me, my staff, customers, suppliers, and competitors
Christ in every ear that hears me speak about my products and services


3. Do you know of mentors or business coaches that are willing, qualified and available to help business owners if they wanted? Also, do you know of any marketplace-orientated small group that they could join (either within your church, or in another local church)? You could connect them if you do, or do some research for them and find out if other churches have a group.

4. Do you know of any contingency funds available to support those that may be struggling to get a bank loan? Many businesses are facing issues with sales, revenue and cashflow, and would benefit from donations or loans.

5. What books, articles, videos and podcasts do you recommend? You could ask them questions such as ‘what are you learning during this season?’.

6. Ask what other ways fellow believers could support them at this time.

Prepared by Chris Page, Kingdom Business Coach
Resourced from businessasmission.com

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