Push through when you feel like you are hitting the wall

We’ve been in the lock-down now for several weeks.
The effect on society, our families and business has been profound. Each day we eagerly await the updates to gauge when all of this might end, but one thing is for sure: its going to be a long journey!
For many business leaders the lock-down began as a crazy period of activity. Dealing with the immediate crisis, creating new ways of doing things, managing rapid change and trying to support those we serve. Many people I spoke to were working at full stretch and beyond.
However now, for many, that crazy activity has levelled to a new normal when we are trying to maintain progress in uncertain times but with no real sense of when it will all end and what the end will look like.
I find myself just wanting some certainty so that I can get back to normal and enjoy running business, meeting customers and just doing what it is I am called to.
God reminded me today of Pauls writing in Hebrews 12 when he talked about perseverance and fixing our eyes on Jesus.
In a moment, I knew that I was hitting that brick wall that runners talk about. That point where you just need to fix your eyes on the goal and push through. I was losing momentum and losing sight of the promises that God had spoken over me and my business. ( Psalm 119 v28) My soul was weary!
How can we break though that wall?
Well the truth is, we can’t break through that wall in our own strength. It is absolutely Christ who strengthens you and I and who will sustain us in this race.
It is God who spoke over us and gave us vison for the business we are in. He called us and appointed us to be in this business world.
I remembered that phrase I have used so often from Isaiah 41 : I chose you, you are my servant, do not fear, I will uphold you.

Jeff Warin
ps Don’t forget to join us for a Business Link prayer meeting tomorrow evening at 7:30pm – link below…

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