Permission to fly

The very second a pilot is cleared for take off, the brakes are off and the throttles are pushed forward. Passengers are pressed back in to their seats as the jet begins to hurtle down the runway. In another moment the jet is in the air. Another adventure has begun.

Jimmi Clarke, successful session musician from Lowestoft, received that prophetic permission to fly from Keith Hazell. As a youngster, he knew God wanted him to be a session musician, but he was fearful of whether his musical abilities were confined to church life. Deep down he wanted to fly, to succeed in the business of playing bass. That prophetic word of permission to fly outside the four walls of the church was all Jimmi needed to go for it, get a business loan and start the adventure. Jimmi’s ministry and calling is to fly as a bass player.

Flying is about dreams being turned into reality. For centuries people have looked to the skies with yearning. It takes courage and persistence to make flying a reality. In this video, Jimmi acknowledges the part Business Link can play in helping people to start kingdom businesses. The Holy Spirit is giving many in our family of churches permission to fly. Permission to turn dreams of starting your own business into reality.

The Business Link network can help with business plans, support and networking. Be inspired by Jimmi’s video and get in touch via to start your adventure.
The Spirit gives you permission to fly.

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