Bulletin #1

Welcome to the very first Business Link Bulletin!  We aim to send these short bulletins out at least a couple of times every month, with stories to encourage, challenge, and inspire.  All contributions are most welcome!

Joseph (not his real name) is part of a growing church community in a city in a war-torn community that has suffered enormously over the past 20 years.  War has meant much of his neighbourhood has been bombed.  Even before covid was around, life had become a blur of blood, death and desperation.
Despite the enormous challenges that most of us will never experience, the tens of thousands who haven’t fled the troubles are trying to cling to a semblance of normal life. 
Now anyone who knows anything about the Middle East will know that bread forms an essential part of any meal.  When Jesus said ‘I am the bread of life’ his listeners knew he was saying that he was essential to life, not just an optional side dish.

Only two main bakeries existed in Joseph’s city before Joseph and his fellow church leaders got in touch with BL this summer, as a result of apostolic connections.  Since then, BL have helped them raise the money they needed to buy the equipment needed to start up a bakery right in the city centre.  It will give many opportunities for them to build relationships with their community, & meet very real needs. Furthermore, any profit will be re-invested to help other Kingdom businesses start up connected to their church plants.

This business is a great example of how Relational Mission’s Christmas appeal this year will support business start-ups that will provide hope for broken communities and how business and church are working together for God’s Kingdom!

The appeal is creating a seed fund that will be used to invest in and partner with Christian entrepreneurs.  However, it’s not just financial support we want to provide.

By working together as a family with our growing community of business leaders in BL, we can offer valuable support, mentoring and coaching to these fledgling enterprises and maximise their success and impact.
By launching and supporting local businesses, we dream of seeing broken communities rebuilt worldwide.  And YOU can get involved!  Visit https://www.relationalmission.org/appeal to find out more, and please share this link!

“I believe the only long-term solution to world poverty is business. That is because business produces goods, and businesses produce jobs. And businesses continue producing goods year after year, and continue providing jobs and paying wages year after year. Therefore if we are ever going to see long-term solutions to world poverty, I believe it will come through starting and maintaining productive, profitable business.”
Wayne Grudem | Business for the Glory of God

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