Recommended Reading

Called to Influence

By Karen Kircher

I love this book! It’s filled with truth and encouragement for Christians in the business world who want to bring Kingdom of God influence in their workplaces.

The premise is that Christians are called to influence our workplaces and businesses with kingdom values and culture.

One of the sticky points for me and many others is “overt and covert kingdom operations” – you’ll have to read the book to find out what they are!

Karen Kircher is an active member of our Business Link network.

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Establish the work of our hands

By Nick Priggis

Chris Page has quoted from Nick’s book in our email newsletter, so I have bought a copy and started to devour it!

Nick is a church leader from the Newfrontiers Church in Shrewsbury and has been heavily involved in church initiated social enterprises – business as mission.

The books starts with an easy to read theological analysis of living to work and working to live. He then uses historical examples of the Quakers and the Apostle Paul to illustrate the model of business as mission. Along the way the reader is introduced to a number of initiatives from our wider family of churches – Newfrontiers like Foundations for farming and Seed Funding

As a church leader with a bit of a business brain, this book is super helpful on getting the church to think of starting businesses to further its mission.

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Business for the glory of God

By Wayne Grudem

In this short book, Wayne Grudem, paints a beautiful picture of the role business can and should play in the unfolding of God’s purposes for mankind. Far from being ‘secular’ or even ‘morally neutral’, Grudem argues persuasively that business is in itself morally good and pleasing to God.

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What are your favourite Christian business books?

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  • Les Howard February 8th, 2021 9:50 am

    This is a thorough consideration of how a Christian can be properly committed to business with integrity.

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