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In this Business Link Bulletin we have interviewed Isaac and Anali Butcher, who are RM pioneers in South America. 
Why Bolivia?
I (Isaac) met my wife Anali in 2012 in London, who is Bolivian and in 2014 we went to Bolivia.  Whilst there we saw first-hand and were very saddened by the poverty and especially the children on the streets. In 2016 in the UK whilst eating lunch Isaac had a vision of us in Bolivia helping the kids on the street and opening a mission centre away from the city where we could have the space to provide a home for them.

What’s your connection to Business Link?
We joined business link because we have a UK company called ‘Imagine Your Life’. Prior to covid Isaac was involved with lots of music events and we also ran nutrition and cookery workshops. When covid prevented these activities Isaac wrote a plant-based cookbook which you can buy here!
Earlier in 2021 we moved to Bolivia and Business Link has been amazing providing helpful connections, wisdom and advice from others with more experience, plus super prayer meetings, as well as helping us explore how we can be long-term sustainable.
What’s your current situation?
We are currently living in a tent, off-grid and on the edge of a national park in Bolivia! We have managed to install solar power and a water system which is fed from a stream, and we have started to build the mission centre a develop the land. We are surrounded by nature and lots of fruit trees – mostly mandarin, lima and avocado. Isaac is working with the builders and Anali is doing home-school with our 2 girls (4 and 7) and cooking most days for about 10 people, she also helps cleaning the land, planting seeds and feeding the animals.
What are you next steps?!
We need to finish the construction of the mission centre! This is a big task and we are trusting in God to help finance this. It will provide accommodation for up to 30 people and when it is finished we will be able to register with the relevant authorities here and start to see more lives changed.
What’s your vision
We actually want to adopt children and be a large family! We would also love to have other families or couples come and join us here to help parent kids, provide education and do mission on the streets. God-willing we would then build small houses around the land to provide extra accommodation for families and establish a small community that can help to love and raise the kids, providing the rehabilitation and re-integration they need.
For long-term sustainability we have food production from the land but we also want to start up a tourist business, offering camping, retreats, mountain biking, trekking and more.
How can we pray for you?Please pray for us to make good decisionsThe home-schooling of our girlsFinances to cover the costs of establishing the mission centre (£70,000!)Safety, strength and health for us, our children and the workers.Connections with Bolivian officials than can help our project.For a local lady who could help Anali with daily tasks as she is stretched in all directions. 
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