Encouragement from Pray for Bolivia 🇧🇴 (June 2022)

Last night we had the immense joy of supporting the Butcher family in prayer for their great missional work in Bolivia.

We had numbers of people from across various nations giving thanks, praying in faith & bringing prophetic encouragement.

One (of many) prophetic words stated that the Lord was blessing the fruit which the Butchers land produces.

“The Lord has blessed the fruit.. it carries the taste and DNA of the Kingdom. The yield and quality of the harvest will be disproportionate, and as people buy and eat the fruit it will truly bless them, they will experience the blessings of God through its superior quality and taste… literally a foretaste of Heaven!”

You can find out how to connect with and support the Butcher family in Bolivia directly through their website: http://rmissionbolivia.com/

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