Church Leaders Course Session 1 – Why haven’t church and business leaders walked together well?


In most of our churches we will pray for our medical staff once a year during a Sunday gathering. We will do the same for our teachers and children before the start of each academic year. But rarely if ever have we prayed and prophesied over our business leaders on a Sunday morning.

Why is that? Maybe…

It just feels too secular and all about money
Our business people just seem so confident, especially with teams and finances.
They are very busy during the week and not that connected with our weekday programmes
Our business leaders are amazing – they make a real difference to society. Businesses create jobs, pay salaries that enable people to live and pay taxes that support those out of work, they create opportunities, products & services, and they steward resources. Business folk exercise faith daily at work, and their presence in communities adds credibility to them being there, providing many opportunities to build relationships – with staff, customers, suppliers, competitors. Their contribution to society and the communities in which they live are many.

As we start to rebuild from the socio-economic devastation of the pandemic we are going to need our church and business leaders walking together for the sake of the kingdom more than ever.

Across the EU the GDP is set to fall by 7.4% compared with a 4.3% fall at the height of the last financial crisis. The US economy is set to contract by over 20%. The World bank is warning that globally 60 million are being pushed into extreme poverty. Businesses worldwide are laying off staff every day. How many will have jobs to go back too?

We have a job to do – for church leaders to walk with our business leaders. We are in the response phase and beginning to move to recovery and rebuilding. During the exile, Jeremiah prophesied over the exiles in Babylon, telling them to “Seek the welfare of the city as in its welfare is your welfare.” Business leaders are going to need our support, prayer and encouragement more than ever. Business Link has hosted some prayer meetings during lockdown and have already had some stunning prophetic ministry to strengthen struggling entrepreneurs.

What we are doing in this series of videos is to help you to understand one another’s world, walk together for the sake of the kingdom of God. We are not just about rebuilding after the pandemic, we are looking to plant churches all over the UK and Europe and in the next episode we will see how planting churches in at least half of Europe will require planting businesses too.


Go through your address list and make a list of your business leaders and entrepreneurs, then make some breakfast, coffee or lunch appointments to see how they are doing.

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