Church Leaders Course Session 2


The Relational Mission family of churches has an incredible call to be globally fruitful.

5 multiplying churches in each continent by 2030
100 church plants in the UK by 2040
20 churches in each of the other 50 European nations by 2050.

There’s a desperate need for many more churches – take northern Europe, for example, where 250,000 villages, towns and cities are without an evangelical witness, let alone a vibrant New Testament Word and Spirit Church.

There’s also a huge issue too with the post-Communist nations.
Germany and UK have the top GDP in Europe – making them the richest nations. The UK GDP per person is $40412. Many of the European nations we are working in have the lowest GDP – they are the poorest nations. Take Serbia where Vlada is – the GDP per person is £5092. This economic disparity leads to migration and the brain drain. Many people with a get-up-and-go attitude are going. In half of Europe, if we are going to plant a church we will need to be planting businesses at the same time.

Helping to create jobs in the locality will encourage people to stay
Obeying Jer 29:7 – Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will.
When the West funds churches it’s not sustainable, not helpful in the long term and it will hinder apostolic ministry emerging.
We are going to need church leaders and business leaders walking together for the call.

Businesses will play a big part in this – indeed they already do. Many people who have already moved to other countries are involved in small businesses. Karen Ray, for example, has moved with her husband Malcolm to Malaga in Spain to help a church plant there. She says her part-time physiotherapy business gives her credibility for being there, helps her build some relationships, generates some income for herself, and tithes towards the church, and notably she feels God has gifted her to care for others in this way, so she feels abundant life in doing it!

In the next session we will give some simple tips and principles to engage with your business leaders better which will bless them in their call to be extending the kingdom with their business and help your church and the mission of Global 5:30, UK100:40 and Europe 20:50.

Keep arranging and meeting up with business leaders for breakfast, coffee or lunch – getting to know them and encouraging them.

Encourage your business people to connect with Business Link – joining our network and WhatsApp group.

When you or anyone in your church considers getting involved with church planting ask yourself how could you get business leaders in your church more involved from the start?

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