Church Leaders Course Session 3


In the first session we saw how the interaction between church and business leaders has not always been great. In the last session we saw how the need is huge.

So what steps could you take to bring business leaders together to join you in seeking God for solutions to the need?

Identify business leaders in your church – go through your address list and make a list of those in your church who are in start-ups, entrepreneurs or leading in businesses. Meet up with them over breakfast, coffee or lunch and encourage and affirm them.
Recognise that they have a wealth of experience.
Start a business network or support group for them to network together, pray for each other and unleash your prophetic people on them!
Think about where you get your sermon illustrations and stories from – any from the business world?
Encourage folk in your church to pray about whether God is asking them to start up a business!
Encourage your business people to join the Business Link network
Don’t make it all about money and giving, but recognise that some people’s calling can lead them to making a lot of money, and others only just make enough money to pay the bills. It’s good to emphasise that their value as entrepreneurs is not just about making money!
Why not run Karen Kircher’s Called to influence course?
If you are planting a church, will businesses need starting too?